About Us

We're thrilled that you took your time to get to know more about us. Here in the [about us] section you usually find the typical boring stuff going on & on about "Our mission is this..." & "our vision is that."

Fortunately you won't be finding any of that here. Rather, I'm going to tell you a little story going back 9 years. As I write this (February 16), It is two days to the exact day when our vision was first realized. 

You see, everything that is big & awesome started out small.

My Name is Shaun Van Der Westhuizen. In 2010 I was an aspiring 23 year old with a head full of course theory from my MBA & a dream of turning all of that into something worthwhile. The World Cup spirit was gearing up & I happened to meet a group of guys from Germany who had come down a bit early to enjoy the last days of our beautiful summer & to tour the marvelous sights of the Cape of Good Hope in its early Autumn magnificence. 

We soon discovered our shared love for geeky stuff & it wasn't long before ideas were being passed around. Kalahari.net was still running their "click click ding dong" ads & as one of these commercials rolled onto the screen, one of the Germans asked where in S.A he could buy a telephoto lens. If you asked that question today, there would be a couple of obvious options online but in 2010 the reply was a few clueless mumbles & head-scratchings. 

The need for an online store with a hand-picked array of top brands & high-spec gadgets was apparent. Nine years, twenty one staff members & a clubhouse of geeking madness later, we hope you will like what we have to offer.


The E.N.D